What: No video for Asphalt 8?

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"oops, someone poop his pants!"

On my [last post] I said that I'm going to stream my gameplay of Asphalt 8... But one day, I fire up the asphalt 8 and then pop out as you see the image above

I did contact them asking what happening.. Until today no reply from them, so, I left to guess myself
  • Bug?
  • I'm too aggressive and got reported (in game, cause knocking people out of the way)
  • And let's not forget my [Twitch Profile]

Yes, Gameloft might visit my Twitch profile and saw what I write. 
But seriously tho,  if people report me for that, Asphalt 8 let you knock people out, use the feature!! 
you knocked me out, I'm okay with that. 

Never mind tho, I'll going stream other gameplay in the same Twitch channel soon!

see you on the next post! Logging OUT!