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  • What: No video for Asphalt 8?

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    "oops, someone poop his pants!"

    On my [last post] I said that I'm going to stream my gameplay of Asphalt 8... But one day, I fire up the asphalt 8 and then pop out as you see the image above

    I did contact them asking what happening.. Until today no reply from them, so, I left to guess myself
    • Bug?
    • I'm too aggressive and got reported (in game, cause knocking people out of the way)
    • And let's not forget my [Twitch Profile]

    Yes, Gameloft might visit my Twitch profile and saw what I write. 
    But seriously tho,  if people report me for that, Asphalt 8 let you knock people out, use the feature!! 
    you knocked me out, I'm okay with that. 

    Never mind tho, I'll going stream other gameplay in the same Twitch channel soon!

    see you on the next post! Logging OUT!

    Late night UPDATE! Twitch and more!!

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     "Where I have been for so long?"

    Hello hello!! since my last post on last year September 2015, then I got very busy until today everything goes fine now! 

    "What you do those times?"
    Job, and gaming LOL and speaking of gaming:

    Today, I created an account on twitch cause recently play back asphalt 8,
    take a visit as there's no video as I writing this post lol

    and yes, I'll stream my asphalt 8 gameplay and maybe (Just maybe) I'll stream more game in the future such as:

    "What is this? I mean just 5 games????"
    I also appreciate if you 'gift' any game on my wishlist xDD but if you don't it's still okay tho, cause I have some weird taste on my game tho, sometimes I like RPG, sometimes I like FPS

    Before you wait for my live stream, there more update for BCPY
    YES, we'll step forward about gaming and about your phone!! I mean we'll discuss about iOS and Android very soon as I recently had android phone too

    still don't know what's new? Stay update with BCPY soon!!
    until then! Logging out :33

    Gaming News: Will Pokemon GO worth to play?

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    "I wanna be the very best!!"

    Hey it's saturday and this might our new post of BCPY, Gaming News every saturday or I might change to other days. Let's talk about Pokemon GO, and before I start the post I might ruin your mood to play Pokemon GO.. I repeat MIGHT but if I do hurt your feeling so ya.. Sorry 

    Here the trailer, if you wanna be the very best, 

    When this trailer release, everyone's mind blown!! like "OMG OMG OMG!! POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!!"
    I didn't see the trailer since just now but I usually search Google, about this as my 'news' resource and I found:

    Pokémon Go will be available in 2016 for iOS and Android — 20 years after the original Pokémon games. The game will be free to play, with various in-app purchases available. A price for the Pokémon Go Plus watch hasn't been set. -[The Verge, Pokémon Go for iOS and Android brings Pokémon into the real world]
    And I did share the trailer to Facebook, mention it to my girlfriend. After few days Facebook full of POKEMON GO. I was like "we still got a year to wait what's the matter spamming it so early?"

    Until just now I saw this on my Facebook News Feed

    I don't know about you, but some people might got rage quit after see the images
    This making me not really excited about Pokemon GO. They can clearly tell us "What if we have to pay for the pokeballs?" and of course, people in Facebook got their thinking and start to comment some of them are acceptable and some of them.. making you feel you wan to destroy your computer

    Long story short, I know many peoples love Pokemon series, but business is business they MIGHT do In-app purchase (IAP) stuff like that. Pokemon GO for me are not WORTH to play, let's face it. Pokemon GO is a smartphone game that you can catch pokemon like last few year's Google Maps easter egg so it's confirm require your GPS and data for IAP, and about IAP you'll need to buy Pokeball and other things. 

    "I'll quit if every time I must buy a pokeball" Okay, how about we'll free you a pokeball each day? But seriously I might enjoy few days of it and its taking all my wallet money from IAP and data

    But that's all for today, forgive me for anything you don't like how I say about it cause everyone got their's choice to pick

    This is first post of Gaming News, thing might see messy, contain text of wall but I'll improve soon! Thanks for reading

    How: Change Blogger's Favicon

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    "Tiny banner for thumbnails"

    Hey hey hey, just change BCPY's favicon, and got to thinking.. I should teach you all too
    I have 2 method to make it, you wan easy or hard? see which suit you:


    1.Open up Gimp, photoshop, mspaint or something you can create a image size about 16 x 16.
    Don't really know how to use mspaint or other program? Don't worry you still got helped, See step 3 down there

    "I mean seriously, that 16 x 16"

    2. Start your design, do what you like and save it

    "now you believe me that 16 x 16?, and don't worry it's should be blurry"

    3. Now go to [], and follow what you make in Gimp, photoshop, mspaint or something else.. just joking, proceed to next step. For reader who skip from step 1, you can draw or design your favicon on the canvas then you can step next step and  move on :)

    "the black bar is a sample for reader skip from step 1, showing you that you can draw on it"

    4. Click 'Import Image', if you draw/design on gimp, photoshop, mspaint or etc
    If you draw/design on website, skip this step, proceed to step 6

    5. And upload your 16 x 16 image

    6.  Then download your favicon file, if you draw/design on website, you also need to download it

    "the preview is using internet explorer by the way LOL"

    7. Log in to your blogger and click on 'layout', look for favicon and click edit, new window pop up select choose file, and select the file you just downloaded

    "1-2-3 poof, finish!!"

    8. Make sure press 'Save' and you're done!! Wait about a day or 2 and it'll change

     "Bye penguin :'("

    Hard: actually.. not that very hard, but it's complicated tho

    1. Still do the same, draw/design on GIMP, photoshop, mspaint or etc, size still the same, about 16 x 16.. but this time I can't very help who doesn't know how to use that, you should follow the 'easy' way

    2. After you done, look for a website where you can host it JPG, PNG, or even GIF! and make sure it's has 'Direct link' link, you'll need the link soon

    "some website, don't have it"

    3. Log in Blogger, Click on 'Template', then edit HTML
    TIP for reader who press 'edit HTML' for the first time, before you do anything. Please download a backup of your template on the left side, just in case you did something wrong on the code

    "even I need to back up"

    4. Copy ths code: 

    <link href="your-favicon-links-goes-here" rel="icon" type="image/gif"/>

    and look for <b:skin> then paste it ABOVE it. Make sure "your-favicon-links-goes-here" replace with your image 'direct link' which end with .jpg, .png or .gif respectively 

    "For lazy one, press anywhere in template code box then 'Ctrl + F' look for <b:skin>

    5. Save template, and  done!! Instantly you got result!!

    I think that all for this tutorial, be creative on your favicon ya :)

    Latest update!!

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    "What is it?.. Dragon?"

    Boom, I thinking here and there, day by day and headache, and some friendly reminder I just remember Google just change it's logo recently.. I JUST REMEMBER, I don't mean the copying but I wanna make new logo for BillyChan Pwned you, this version call B, why 'B' it's BCPY!!

    "What next version call? 'C'?" -You may ask
    and answer might be yes :D

    Back to 'update' story

    In this version, I going to make new template for this website and mobile site, I repeat 'make', I did one but I have to double check and make sure  it can use instead of getting pwned by my own blogger

    Mobile site, going make it like an app but soon 

    So, enjoy your reading here and thanks again for supporting BCPY 
    I'll keep updating the site soon, and good bye currently penguin favicon :(

    Late Update: New Blogger!

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    "Where do you go?"

    I not going anywhere, but I would like to thanks everyone who enjoy reading my last post
    [Tour:Viet Nam]. In the meantime, I got to thinking that some people not enjoy reading but like to what inside.. and of course picture!

    Several thing I didn't do in the blog are;
    • Use or make new template for it, cause I wanna make some sort like photography album and its template currently using from Blogger
    • Write post on it, but I post image on it, I don't know but maybe every Thursday
    • Do any special update on it

    But my point is, I'd like to contact by my viewer for photoshoot or filming a video. And also I doing freelancing (Sorry, Malaysian only I believed) So, make sure check out at []'s menu bar

    Bonus: Question
    Q: So, you quitting BCPY?
    A:NO! LOL

    Tour post: Viet Nam

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    "still.. 'walk-able'"

    Don't get me wrong by the quote above, I do love Viet Nam as especially the coffee shop
    A video posted by Burritos Chan (@notyourfriends) on

    I don't know if view able or not but, check out my [Instagram]. So anyway, their coffee shop just like club! The problem is, my cousin and his family making the trip more complicated

    Day 1:

    First at all, I take photography stuff seriously.. LIKE TOO SERIOUSLY. And this is our first spot, a war museum about war between S.viet nam and N.viet nam (please correct me, if I wrong cause I didn't get heard many from tour guide) Outside the museum got tanks, boats and aircraft. I miss few shots of tanks cause my cousin keep pushing me away.

    If you are gun lover like me, this museum is my choice for you, Do you wanna see old grenade launcher? or if you not a gun lover mind to know the 'Award-winning Photo of Girl Running Naked during Vietnam War'?, YES both of it's in the museum!! By the way, it's call 'War Remnants

    "inside this prison looking place.. it's explain torture method stuff.. creepy, but worth it" 

    "The Award-winning Photo of Girl Running Naked during Vietnam War I mentioned before"

    "gun lover! I present you what gun I like!!!"

    "Inside the museum's guide told me, this is the camera which the army used to take photo with it"
    (Correct me if this is wrong)
    "my great ancestor!!" -Billy's DSLR

    Thanks goodness I got complete shot inside the museum cause my cousin and his family got bored easily lol. After the museum we heading to our next location!

    "To the next stop!!"

    Next stop will be 'Reunification Palace' or 'Independence Palace' by Google. It kinda look like white house, and inside is HUGE, I meant really HUGE. If I have a son, who just learn how to walk.. he probably lost inside "STAY WHERE YOU AT! DADDY COMING TO YOU!!".

    "The basement/underground"

    I can't really show all of them cause taking a lot of space here, and another reason is, not trying to be rude but you should go there and see by yourself. For every shot you shoot in the palace (by each room, window, and furniture) you won't fit all the photo you took in an 40 pages large album which can hold 200 photos.. unless you're creative one.

    But after a long walk, without any distraction. And we heading to our next stop again!

    "Red Church, is another name by Vietnamese"

    Here, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica. Sadly, it closed that day and the bright side cause on the right side of the photo got a post office. And that day I learned how to cross road in Viet Nam.

    PAY ATTENTION NOW! Imagine this, a 2 lane road come with zebra crossing.. Hundred of motorcycle keep moving from point A to point B. How you going to cross the road? zebra crossing won't help a lot tho, but put up your hand where the vehicle heading before crossing the road and they will slow down and the zebra crossing should work now. For example, cars coming from the right side; I should put my right hand up and cross to the middle of the road and raise my left hand for inform the cars coming from the left side to know I'm about to cross the road 

    I did took a lot of photo at there, but.. post office.. ya.. private information LOL. Will upload some of them very soon in next 'undated' post.

    After that, we heading back to hotel and get some rest and later Dinner! Won't be explaining how my dinner and mini trip going so I go directly to my 2nd day.

    Day 2:
    Morning bird keep tweeting, yes I check twitter at the morning. So, after breakfast and such we heading to another locations.

    A Whale temple!! 
    According to legend, the remains of a whale washed up on the Vung Tau beach over 100 years ago. The carcass was so gargantuan that fishermen had to wait for the flesh to decompose before being able to pull it to shore and display the bones which came to symbolize the protector of the coast.
    "I just only took this best shot.."

    Hey, I can't really blame my cousin on this, cause the temple kinda small and my cousin all of them are 'big in size' so, I can't really took few shot of the whale's bone.. But a handsome Ice cream man

    "Look like [Jay Chou] by the way"

     Then back to new hotel, have lunch and got some rest too. Later 3.00 PM (GMT+7) we all called by our tour guide and we going to Christ of Vũng Tàu, 'jesus mountain' by them.

    "Worth it!"
    (Around 650, almost 800+)

    Seriously, 800+ step before you reach there. But thanks goodness there a lot of beach for you to take a rest. And while you resting there also few place where you can take photo too. And yes, you can stand on the shoulder as the photo I took. But..

    "Another 129 step of stairs"

    It's kinda dark at first then slowly you can feel cold air hitting your face.. And finally you reach!


    The wind is strong, my DSLR can blown away if I didn't hold it firmly, and my iphone keep shaking while taking paranoid/180 degree and also, there other people too.

    "I don't know who you are, but you just became my model"

    If you have Acrophobia or scare of height, I'm not very recommend you this one, cause I'm not scare of height but after 900+ of step of stairs, I look down from the top I scream all the sudden LOL 

    "yes, that is me and no.. they are not my cousin but Vietnamese teenager.
    My clothing.. are kinda weird too"
    (Few step to reach 650, and before going up to the shoulder)

     Forget to mentioned, you can go up to the shoulder before 4.00 PM (GMT+7) and you can't wear hat. So another long trip with some distraction, head to restaurant for dinner and I'm not going to address them all but I'm leaving a short sentence about the night.


    Yes, by putting your hand up.

    I do love to tell my 3rd day, but full of distraction and just few photo I just took..
    but here is my very best photo I ever took.

    "I wanna go home.."

    Thanks for read till this end, and I'll found a way to post my 3rd and 4th day I'll edit some photo soon. Sorry for some grammar mistake and over use word such as 'after' and 'but' 

    What: update BCPY again?

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    "what it is, this time?"

    Some people might got excited for what new in BCPY, like me going out soooon!!
    but for some people might think "He's going to be lazy again".. and like me too LOL

    okay, this time is seriously tho few quick update:

    1. I might changing few title of the post.
    for example, (old) 'What' to (new) Monday's What/ Monday's News/ Crappy Monday and more
    and maybe some of them I not planning to change such as 'Gaming On', I repeat 'MAYBE'

    2. Blogger's template might get a bit messy or remain the same, but color change.
    and I haven't plan a new name for the update

    3. Throw out my hand on this 2 week (off for few day), cause going oversea and.. Hey! might got latest post soon!


    and that the quick update :)
    I post this past 12 AM, so better 'out' for tomorrow post!